Company profile design service.

Company profile for sale kit design.
Working duration (Start of brief to final file sending) : 30 days.

The stage of design Company profile. We need to understand first. What are our customers doing? Our clients are large architectural construction companies. Whether it is a residence and a hotel.
We have laid the foundational guidelines for the design of the Company profile to be up-to-date and communicated to our customers. Give priority to the design.

In preparing to final, we have been talking to many clients. To know the progress of work. And give customers satisfaction. Before to start the work.

This design for our customer. Get a good return. In terms of design And the duration of the design. Typically, a company profile design takes 7-15 days to design.

Design process
1. Get the solution of the design.
2. Brief Drafting and Framing With a quote And the working time
3. Ask for pictures that customers have. And supply additional images.
4. Place the guide line of the text.
5. Make a prototype for customers. And feedback the overall job and color tone.
6. Update content by comment.
7. Submit complete work. And receive a final comment before the completion of the work.

company profile

cover design


company profile

Public utility on Page 7-8

company profile

Ventilation on Page 1-2

company profilePower and Communication on page 3-4


company profile

 Staff experience on page 5-6

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